Fees Details

1. All dues are to be paid in advance up to 15th of each month/quarterly.
2. Fee can be paid with a late payment of Rs. 50/- on 20th and Rs. 100/- on the last day of the month. thereafter the name of child will be struck off from the rolls. ON the payment Rs. 300/- the child will be re-enrolled.
3. If a child is withdrawn in the mid session, six months fee will be charged.
4. In any case, if parents are not in the position to deposit the fee up to 15th, they are required to submit reasoning documents for exemption of late payment.
5. The guardians are requested to deposit the fee on time as the institution does not get any aid.
6. Any change in fee, as deemed necessary by the management of school from time to time, is binding to parents/Guardians. It will be notified to the parents either through message in written notice. & on app.

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