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RBS PUBLIC SCHOOL is a co-education English medium School. Today's generation is a generation of high intellectual quotient, competitive attitude with a "can do mentality", and so RBS an IVY OF KNOWLEDGE keeps a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge, values and skills. In particular, we make the students to attain the highest academic standards. In an addition, our school aims at the broader development of the complete personality of our students by agglomerating, creating and nurturing their inherited qualities.

Student's horizon is unlimited; therefore the school crosses all technical boundaries and uses innovative methods of teaching to enable them to be exuberant, confident, aspiring, and competitive individuals in their chosen vocation. True mix of conventional and contemporary methods and judiciously prepared and used in a flexible manner according to the age the aptitude of the child. Every student is motivated towards self-directed learning that shall ensure lifetime success.

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Admission Center

The RBSPS consist of filling admission from online and submission of hard copy in school.

Smart Class Available

At RBSPS, we provided students smart class that cultivate education by opening doors to digital teaching.

Languages Skill Development

At RBSPS , we give special emphasis on languages and mathematics to ensure that the children are ready to compete in a global environment.

Computer Lab

Well designed and separate labs for students run by a well-educated and qualified faculty with one on one access which means there is one computer on each child.

ERP Solution

We have invested in new ERP software which provides learning to the student through mobile application and parents can see the child growth and it will further raise teaching-learning working at RBSPS to contemporary technological students.

Focus on Child’s Interest

We help each and every child discover their factor. Every child has a unique potential and we provide the platform and resources to help children achieve the excellence in their respective fields.

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We strongly believe in inspiring all to be very best they can be and we have high aspirations for our school community.

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