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Champa Devi
Chair Person
Chairperson's Message

RBS Public School truly believes that education should be positive and transformational experience, regardless of the ability or back ground of the child. We have the highest expectations from all our students in every area of schooling life and our students have done us proud in all spheres of academic, co-curricular and sporting realms. In this ever changing world we seldom think rationally. We speak moderisation and think proudly to be in the 21st century. The young generation is easily shadowed by westernization. Responsibilities fall on the shoulder of society to save and plant new philosophies and ideologies into them. The role of school is comparatively significant to forwarding and transforming heritage and culture from generation to generation. RBS is prominently committed to fulfill desires of parents. Hence we at RBS word to offer good discipline, good culture, good education. We look forward to welcoming you and your wards at RBS Public School.

Champa Devi
Chair person
RBS Public School

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